TV Repair in Delhi Vertical or Horizontal Lines on TV

Getting vertical or horizontal lines on your TV LED LCD Screen? Don’t worry we’ve the solution for this. Read the whole article and I’m sure it’s gonna help you in fixing your TV.

What is Vertical or Horizontal Lines on TV LED LED Screen?

Vertical or Horizontal lines on LCD TV or a LED TV is a deplorable case and can be costly likewise on occasion. In the prior article we found different Video Issues that can arrive in a LCD/LED TV. Lets discover more about the most widely recognized issue i.e. Vertical or Horizontal Lines On LCD TV.

However few people solved this issue with a little cost yet for the most part this is an issue with the board or Panel. Board is the screen on which you see the photo. In this issue once in a while the board gets repaired and more often than not it must be supplanted. Measurably 44% of the time the board is supplanted and 25% a minor repair like changing an IC or comparative determination can resolve the issue. It is prescribed to connect for repair as right on time as you see this issue as the odds of repair is most extreme.

TV Repair in Delhi Vertical or Horizontal Lines on TV

TV Repair in Delhi Vertical or Horizontal Lines on TV

What causes horizontal or Vertical Lines on TV LED LCD Screen?

1 . Free contact amongst burden and main board.

2. Damaged burden with consumed loop.

3. Flawed capacitor.

4. Disappointment of an inner circuit

5. Flawed patched in breakers and resistors

6. Get Your Panel Repaired ASAP.

How to Fix Horizontal or Vertical Lines on TV LED LCD Screen?

  • ┬áReplace the ribbon cable
  • Connect again the video cable
  • Update graphics card driver
  • Get Your Panel Repaired Today!

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